Life Groups

Growth. That’s what it’s all about. Our Lifegroups are composed of people who are not content to simply know about Christ, they want to truly know Him more and more as they grow in their faith. These diverse groups include both students and adults from all stages of life who meet weekly for Bible study, fellowship, prayer, and accountability. (Except for a few selected studies, groups are gender specific.) Whether it’s in a classroom on Sunday night or around someone’s coffee table on Tuesday morning, each group will meet for six weeks. We invite everyone to get involved in one of these dynamic groups and see for yourself what true growth is all about.

New and Attending Members Classes

You are invited to a NEW or ATTENDING MEMBERS CLASS at Lake Bowen Baptist Church!

Meet the church leadership.
Understand the structure of the church.
Review the foundational beliefs of the church.
Know what is spiritually available for you and your family.
Learn of opportunities for you to serve the Lord.
Participate in a question and answer time.