Worship & Music

Music MinistryWorship is at once about who we are, about who (or what) our god is, and about how we choose to live. It is about something that is quite simple but wrapped in mystery. It is about God himself.

Harold Best

Worship is more than music. It is more than a time-slot on Sundays. It is not a program or a service, but an encounter. It is a connection between God and man in which we recognize who He is and what He’s done for us. It is both joyous praise and humble adoration, and it can occur in both majestic cathedrals and secluded closets. Worship is also common to all people – we all worship something. Too often we focus on “how,” when we should always be focused on “who.”

Our worship here at Lake Bowen is passionate. We are serious about connecting with our Creator, and excited about how He moves. Music is one of our favorite tools to help facilitate worship. God made us a diverse people, and our music represents this as we employ a wide variety of musical styles and genres. The overall goal of our music ministry is not to perform, but to lead everyone in praising our Audience of One.